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Our Site’s Advert Rates

We at invite you to place your adverts on our platform(advertise with us). This will be quite effective if you have an advert with target audience being Nigerians either living in the country or in diaspora. records over thousands of visits daily(the exact figure will be proven to you when you show interest in advertising). We therefore that you would get good ROI (Return on Investment) and that you are guaranteed that your advert will get maximum exposure and your company will get the value it seeks.

Below is our Advert Rates:


i. Advert Space – Middle Column (Home Page)

  • 336pixels x 280pixels
  • 300pixels x 250pixels


  • 2 Weeks = N40,000
  • 1 Month = N70,000

ii. Advert Space – Middle Column (Job Details Page)

  • 336pixels x 280pixels
  • 300pixels x 250pixels
  • 250pixels x 250pixels


  • 2 Weeks = N40,000
  • 1 Month = N70,000

iii. Advert Space – Right Column (Home and Job Details Pages)

  • 300px x 250px
  • 250px x 250px
  • 200px x 300px


  • 2 Weeks = N50,000
  • 1 Month = N85,000

iv. Advert Space – Leaderboard Banner 728px X 90px (Home and Job Details Pages)

  • 728pixels x 90pixels


  • 2 Weeks = N100,000
  • 1 Month = N150,000

B.) Dedicated Email ADVERT (ADVERTORIAL)

We offer a post advert (Advertorial) i.e, we publish your advert in form of an article, and promote it in these ways:

  1. We send your advert (advertorial) to over 30,000 of our email subscribers via email
  2. The Advertorial will be on our Featured List (Front Page) for 3 days (extended to any number of days as you want at extra cost)
  3. The Advert / Advertorial will be posted on our Facebook Likes wall
  4. The Advert/Advertorial will remain in our website as long as the exists and will be bringing everlasting traffic to your program through our website and Search Engines, like: Google, Bing, etc.


  • N45,000 per post

For the quality and assurace we provide with our adverts, it’s the best you can ever get

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